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WIFI Swimming Pool Thermometer Bundle – with stand-up display, outdoor hygrometer & thermometer, data logger, export function, cloud, app (model from 2022)


Inkl. MwSt.
This smart pool thermometer, with an integrated display, comes with a WIFI gateway, a tabletop display and an outdoor thermometer/hygrometer (technically optimized devices from 2022). So you can call up the water temperature at any time via WiFi, with your smartphone, on the pool thermometer display or conveniently read off the display in the house.

Smart Pool Thermometer Starter Set (retractable) – with external sensor, network gateway & app from Mobile Alerts


Inkl. MwSt.
This set consists of a retractable pool thermometer, an outdoor sensor and a network gateway. This allows you to enter the Smart Home Monitoring System of Mobile Alerts. With app and many expansion options.