Wlan Pool Thermometer

Pool thermometers and smart pool testers – WI-FI, Bluetooth and Sigfox connection

We are the experts for smart pool thermometers and pool testers. In our shop you will find modifications of original Netatmo and Homematic IP thermostats. This allows Smarthome thermometers, with Wi-Fi support, to be used as a pool thermometer. In addition, we sell smart pool testers such as the Blue Connect, which allows you to measure not only the water temperature of your pool, but also the pH, ORP (disinfectant) and salinity (conductivity) of the pool water. This all-in-one sensor automatically informs you about the free Blue Connect app via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Sigfox when water quality deteriorates.

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Pool thermometer and pool tester for pool, whirlpool, ponds and swimming lake

Not only in swimming pools our WIFI Pool Thermometers are indispensable. Also in ponds or lakes our sensors are a benefit. Many Pool Thermometer can be integrated in weather stations. In this way you will not only get information about the weather, also the water temperature of your pool, pond or lake.

Smart pool thermometer & pool tester with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Sigfox support

Want to know the Temperature of Your Pool? Ask Alexa, after all. Are You on the road? No Problem-the Values of our Pool Thermometers can be query worldwide via Smartphone and Tablet. To make this possible with Netatmo, Homematic, Innogy Thermostats, we make them waterproof.

Pool Thermometer with Amazon Alexa Support

Amazon Alexa

Our Pool Thermometers works great with Amazon Alexa


WIFI Pool temperature sensors

By using WIFI the temperature of your pool can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Poolthermometer smarthome

Smart Home ready

WiFi temperature senosr for home automation

Poolthermometer-wifi waterproof

Thermometer getting waterproof

Netatmo, Homematic, … every Thermometer can be a Pool Thermometer.

bt-pool thermometer

Bluetooth (BLE) connection

You can access many of our thermometers or pool testers at any time via Bluetooth.


Sigfox support

Sigfox is a network of networked objects (IoT) that is represented in more than 30 countries. It works with a worldwide network of antennas and does not require a Wi-Fi connection, subscription or configuration.

Poolthermometer smarthome

All-in-one sensors

The Blue Connect analyzers measure water temperature, pH, disinfectant (ORP) and salinity in the water (conductivity).

Poolthermometer-wifi waterproof

IFTTT support

IFTTT combines smart services and hardware. We also support Blue Connect.

* Many of the thermostats we modify require a base station from the manufacturer. This must be purchased separately.

Check water quality via app

Here you can see the water analysis options of the Blue Connect products. You will be automatically notified via the app if the water quality is not optimal.

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