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WIFI solar control for swimming pool – Tasmota


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With the WIFI solar control for swimming pool you can control a connected pool pump or a 3-way motor valve fully automatically. The supplied temperature probes measure the exact water temperature and solar collector temperature. The smart solar control system controls your swimming pool solar system according to your temperature specifications and schedules, using differential measurement.

Blebox WIFI pool thermometer Tempsensor PRO (pipe mounting)


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BleBox WIFI pool thermometer tempsensor PRO with pipe mounting set for swimming pool filter systems.

WIFI Swimming Pool Thermometer Bundle – with display, outdoor hygrometer & thermometer, data logger, export function, cloud, app (technically optimized model)

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This smart pool thermometer, with integrated display, comes with a WIFI gateway, a display for tabletop installation and an outdoor thermometer/ hygrometer (Technically optimized devices of the latest generation). So you can call up the water temperature at any time via WiFi, with your smartphone, on the pool thermometer display or conveniently read off the display in the house.

SONOFF WIFI pool thermometer and switch actuator for pipe mounting with tapping clamp


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SONOFF WIFI pool thermometer with integrated switching actuator can be conveniently integrated into the filter circuit of your swimming pool with a tapping clamp. Not only can the water temperature be measured and evaluated, but a connected swimming pool heater can also be controlled.

Blebox WIFI swimming pool control – pool thermometer with switch actuator potential-free (max 0. . 230V AC / 0. . 24V DC) or 230V (pipe mounting)


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With the BleBox WIFI swimming pool control / pool thermometer, various consumers (e.g. pool heat pump, filter pump, ...) can be controlled automatically and manually, depending on the temperature, directly via the integrated, potential-free relay.

Temperature sensor pipe assembly / hose assembly set – with tapping clamp, immersion sleeve, heat-conducting paste and Teflon tape


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With this mounting set, temperature probes (cable probes) can be easily integrated into a 50 mm or 63 mm piping or into the hose system (32 or 38 mm) of your swimming pool.

Smart pool thermometer (retractable or tube mounting) – with display, air temperature measurement and humidity measurement


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This smart pool thermometer comes with a cable probe. Optionally, the cable probe can be lowered into the skimmer or in the swimming pool or optionally installed in the filter system with a pipe mounting set. The battery-operated control unit with display can also measure air temperature and humidity. The measured values can be queried either via Bluetooth or via WIFI with the optionally available WIFI gateway. The optionally available WIFI gateway has a large LCD display and shows the temperature and humidity of the pool thermometer as well as the air temperature and humidity values from the installation location.

WIFI temperature control Inkbird ITC-308-WIFI – Plug and Play pool control


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WIFI temperature controller with two relay outputs. Suitable for swimming pools, ponds and other applications. Socket outlet version (EU plug). Plug-and-play design. It can be used as overtemperature protection and as an automatic temperature control system for various electrical appliances. It can be connected to cooling and heating appliances to achieve ideal temperature control.

WIFI Pooltester PoolLab 2.0 Photometer for Swimming Pool and Spa


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The new WIFI photometer PoolLab® 2.0 sets new standards in water analysis. The pool tester can measure 24 pool water values. Thanks to WIFI and Bluetooth, the water values can be synchronized with the free app and LabCom® software, or automatically with the LabCom® Cloud.

Blebox WIFI swimming pool control – pool thermometer with switching actuator (pipe mounting)


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BleBox WIFI pool thermometer with integrated switching actuator, tapping clamp and immersion sleeve for installation in the filter circuit of your swimming pool. Not only can the water temperature be measured and evaluated, but a connected swimming pool heater or pump can also be controlled.

WIFI sauna control – Blebox SaunaBox – with thermometer, app


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BleBox WIFI sauna control with integrated switching actuator and thermometer (cable probe). Control the sauna temperature from anywhere in the world.

Pool Tester Calibration Set 1 – suitable for Ondilo ICO & Blue Connect


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Cheap calibration kit for smart pool testers (Ondilo ICO, Blue Connect). Includes 2x pH4, pH7 and ORP calibration solutions.