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Netatmo pool thermometer modification available again

The Netatmo pool@smart2 is available again. The wait was worth it.

Why did this take so long?

The last year was an absolute swimming pool year. Our shop was literally overrun. Since each modification is made by hand, it was difficult to meet demand. The good news, we’ve found a solution.

From now on we offer, in addition to fully assembled pool thermometer modifications (assembly service), also kits. So everyone who wants a Netatmo pool thermometer modification has a very good chance of getting one.

We have also pool@smart2 and offer additional upgrades.

Optimizations of the pool@smart2

The good news: We didn’t really have to change anything. The design of the pool@smart2 , which we have been continuously improving since 2019, has proven itself and is now used in over 14 countries. Devices have also made it to Australia and New Zealand via detours.

Above all, the full encapsulation of the expensive Netatmo circuit board and the insulation kit have made our pool thermometer modification a mature and stable pool measuring device. The use of pool-compatible PVC housing parts has also proven itself.

We know that a gray case will not be eligible for a design award. Nevertheless, experience has shown that there is hardly a better material for use in swimming pools for our purposes. Ordering an injection molded housing would be uneconomical for us. The demand for Netatmo pool thermometers is very limited. Otherwise, Netatmo would probably bring a device on the market itself.

Nevertheless, we were also able to implement further ideas in terms of design (see upgrades).

The following was optimized in the construction:

  • Thicker insulation of the wall insulation of the battery compartment. This reduces the risk of condensation forming in the area of the battery compartment.
  • Treatment of the plug connection and the contacts of the battery compartment with protective oil to protect them as best as possible from corrosion.

NEW: kits

In order to meet the high demand in the future, we have decided to offer assembly kits in addition to fully assembled pool thermometers (assembly service).

We offer the following kit variants:

  1. Assembly service
    If you choose this variant, we will deliver a fully assembled pool@smart2 thermometer. Of course with an integrated, original NETATMO indoor module.
  2. Kit without Netatmo module
    If you choose this option, we will deliver the kit without the Netatmo module. In this case you can use an existing Netatmo indoor module.
  3. Kit with Netatmo module
    With this variant, we deliver the kit and an original Netatmo indoor module.

Information about the kits:

  • The kit contains detailed instructions with color photos of the work steps.
  • The kit contains not only the components required for assembly, but also numerous assembly aids to be able to park or fix the system.
  • Little manual skills are required to assemble the kit.
  • Including electronics potting system and insulation kit.
  • A soldering iron, some tin solder, a Torx screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver and a small wire cutter are required for assembly. If you do not have a soldering iron, an inexpensive starter set can be ordered.

Optional upgrades

As last year, we are offering some upgrades to make your pool thermometer even better or prettier.

  1. Design upgrade: liquid rubber coating in white

With this high-tech spray coating you can easily apply color to your pool thermometer, pool tester, floating meter or other pool components. This special liquid rubber is ready to spray and can be sprayed on. After drying, the spray film is odorless and abrasion-resistant. In addition, the coating can be easily removed again.

We also provide sample instructions for coating the pool@smart2

Our coating offers the following advantages:

  • UV and weather resistant
  • good chlorine resistance
  • Protects against acids, moisture, abrasion and electrical voltage
  • Removable
  • For beautifying or refurbishing swimming pool components
  • Temperature resistance: -30 ° C to 90 ° C
  1. Power upgrade

The Netatmo indoor module used is powered by 4 AAA batteries as standard. Netatmo specifies the service life with up to 1 year. On request, we can equip your pool thermometer with an AA battery holder. In addition, we also supply 4x VARTA Industrial AA batteries with the selected AA option. This extends the service life enormously.

The contacts of the AA battery compartment are coated by us to protect it from corrosion for some time in the event of water penetration.

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